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RB Exclusive Interview: Luca Lush–Get to Know the Mad Genius Under the Blue Hair

Before you entered the menacing realm of Escape: Psycho Circus, you took necessary precautions to prepare yourself for the twisted turns and inevitable terrors that the night would bring. Masks were packed to guard your gaze against the demonic creates roaming the grounds and you rerouted your way to each stage to steer clear of the Asylum. Despite your best efforts to keep your sanity, if you were walking by mainstage around 5 pm your soul was as good as gone. Luca Lush was commanding the Slaughter House, leaving no prisoners or motionless bodies.

There was no better way to conjure the spooks than with starting your night off with Luca Lush‘s unruly stage presence and unmistakable sound. Before he drifted into the dark abyss of the night, I was able to sit down with him and get the answers to all our burning questions.


Congratulations on an amazing First Escape! How did this show compare to others?

I’ve played a few other Insomniac shows. Basement and a few others. They are all so different and really tight, but this one was so great. Insomniac is awesome to work with, everyone is so nice.

Looking back on your ‘A Boy Brushed Blue’ tour is there a memory or show that stands out as a highlight of the tour?

The Sacramento show was pretty tight. I liked that one quite a bit, it for sure stands out. It was the sunset mixed with the great outdoor venue. I remember it being so funny because there was such a diverse crowd, there were older people on the side just drinking and looking a little out of place. By the end of my set, I noticed they had gotten so into it. I like when I can convince and move people in the crowd. It means I’m doing my job right. Also during the tour, I was able to start a mosh pit at 6pm a few times so that was cool.

Any plans for another tour soon? And if so can I put in an early request for AZ to be on the list?  

We’ve got one planned late winter/early spring. AZ? For sure! I love Arizona, the crowds in AZ are so hype, you guys take it seriously. There are so many colleges out there so I love playing shows in AZ. Relentless was great to work with, I was very happy and I would love to come back.

You don’t seem to restrict yourself to one genre. This opens the door for endless collab possibilities. Do you have a dream collab in mind?

Ohhhh no I only stay in one genre(s)- the S stands for sarcasm. Damn, there are so many people. Top there would be Brand New, Rusty, and Fortune. Fortune was a huge influence when I started making my heavier stuff.

Last but most important question…..why in fact are Christians against Luca Lush? **peep the pic below


THAT’S A GREAT QUESTION, I DO NOT KNOW. I don’t know who is behind it and I don’t know why this is a thing. I wouldn’t particularly label my music as satanic but I suppose some people have made the conclusion that I am the spawn of the devil. This isn’t Photoshop, this is real and I do not understand it at all. I’m really just absolutely baffled and I do not know.  I just hope it’s a joke because I think it’s hilarious.

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