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Armin van Buuren to Teach Online Dance Music Class

If you’re a fan of trance God Armin van Buuren and are interested in learning the tricks of the trade, you’re in luck! The Dutch DJ has recently teamed up with the online education platform MasterClass to offer online classes to aspiring DJs and music producers.

Those who sign up can expect to learn about production, performance, and how to promote yourself as a DJ on social media. He plans to demonstrate how he built his track, “Be in the Moment,” to show what goes into making a track, and how it’s mastered. Van Buuren plans to cover a lot more topics in his online class, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.


“I’ve learned a lot over 20 years and I’m ready to share the knowledge with people,” he told Billboard in an interview. The class is currently open for pre-registration at

You can catch Armin Van Buuren at the end of this month at Decadence AZ in Chandler, Arizona. Get your tickets and other info here.

Source: Billboard

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