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Grab Slander’s Remix of Post Malone’s ‘I Fall Apart’ for Free

Post Malone‘s “I Fall Apart” has already made a splash on the airwaves with its heart-on-your-sleeve honesty and simple production, but producer-duos-extraordinaire Slander recently brought a thoughtful remix to the table. In terms of jamming to a Post Malone track, how much can you truly play with his undeniable spirit? Luckily for Malone, Slander respects the original track by retaining the vocals in a mostly original state. Slander’s remix offers some new twist and turns on the instrumental front, and complements the rapper’s vocals with a light piano riff and a shockingly energetic series of drops. Check it!

These drops which sometimes present themselves as a hybrid of progressive house and hip-hop clearly know their space and don’t impose on the meaning of the track. For Slander, the “I Fall Apart” remix could very-well be an entrance to the Billboard Dance Charts in the near future. This remix would not only be a treat during a chill and ambient live-set, but also packs enough punch to stand completely on its own. Get Slander’s remix of Post Malone’s “I Fall Apart” here free!

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