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Let JES Help You ‘Get Through The Night’ with Her New Single

It is a well-known, but unspoken aspect of electronic dance music that most vocalists who sing pretty riffs don’t always get the recognition they deserve. While you may say, “But what about Ellie Goulding? or some other similar sounding artist on that one track by the famous guy we always hear?” Yeah, that might seem like an exception, but there are many hardworking artists donate their vocal-gift to talented producers. Fortunately for JES, her iconic style and voice have separated her from the “wall of soundalikes.”

Her new single “Get Me Through The Night” features a vocally-driven melody with instrumentals almost being secondary. With a solid set of pop-production techniques, JES’s true talent is allowed to shine just as much as a synth would in electronic terms. “Get Me Through The Night” is most likely going to be the candidate for more than one remix since it features a bright hook and simple chord progressions which would tempt any producer to beg for the stems.

While the song may follow more popular music production conventions, the catchy-aspect of the instrumentals with the varied content of the personal lyrics directs the listener to appreciate her work as a foundation.

“When the night brings out the sadness of a messed up love, that emptiness can be filled with the strength of pushing through the bad times,” says JES when asked about the lyrics. “I wanted to write something that put that idea of light and dark into the context of a relationship because it all comes down to not giving up and having faith that you will pull through in the end.”

“Get Me Through The Night” represents an important theme in dance music: the ability to find meaning, and pushing through those feelings of emptiness which motivate us to rise above what we were. With the combination of lyrical intelligence and a radio-friendly collection of instrumental riffs, JES’s new single will prove indomitable in the charts. Get the new single here.

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