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Revisiting the Best of Rüfüs Du Sol

Yeah, sex is cool, but have you ever revisited some of Rüfüs Du Sol’s best tracks? The Aussie trio has a knack for making us feel some type of way and it’s a special feeling we wanted to share with all of you. We’ve compiled 6 of their best hits that together create a half hour of pure bliss. Whether it serves as study tunes or a shower soundtrack, this playlist will put you in a feel-good state of mind and tingle those Decadence feelers.

Rüfüs Du Sol graces AZ this NYE at our legendary Decadence AZ. Rufus is one of those artists that people have been talking about since the release of the lineup and this playlist is a friendly reminder why. Enjoy our 6 tracks of serenity and if you haven’t already, grab your tickets here.

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