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What So Not’s Best Bangers

Australian mastermind, What So Not, has been busting out the hottest beats for a little over half a decade now. From starting out as a duo with Flume, to creating his own music, WSN is an inspiration to DJs and producers everywhere. If you’re tragically unfamiliar with What So Not, don’t worry–here are some of his best tracks to keep you up to date!

5. Run – Awolnation (What So Not & QUIX Remix)

This is one of WSN’s newest releases. This track begins pretty ominously and takes off with some of the grimiest beats I’ve heard in a long time. In a stellar collab with up-and-comer, QUIX, What So Not has truly shown us he has not lost his originality.

4. High You Are – Branchez (What So Not Remix)

With a whopping 36M plays on Soundcloud, “High You Are” is What So Not’s most listened to song. For me, this was one of the tracks that propelled me into my entire EDM lifestyle. It’s unlike many of his more recent releases with it’s more easy-going melody and drop that is perfect for easing into electronic music.

3. Tell Me (What So Not & RL Grime)

As one of his more popular tunes, “Tell Me” was played in pretty much every trap set/mix 2015 had to offer. It really does not get any trappier than this, folks. Beginning with a slower build and a harmonic tonality, this track does it all.

2. Jaguar

If you have not heard this song, I have a lot of questions. “Jaguar” has 16M plays on Soundcloud and is one of the signature songs of the Electronic music industry. Comparable in it’s trappiness, to “Tell Me”, this song is a banger that has and will continue to outlast most.

1. Innerbloom – Rufus Du Sol (What So Not Remix)

Finally, coming in at Number one is the WSN Remix of Rufus Du Sol‘s “Innerbloom.” It’s a very special thing when one song can you make you feel so many powerful emotions, and I think that is a big reason why we all love EDM as much as we do. This song has probably caused more happy tears at festivals than most would like to admit. By most, I mean me. I’ve cried a lot to this song.  So, thank you, What So Not, for your contribution to tears of joy around the world.

If you love these songs, and can’t wait to see them live, wait no longer! What So Not will be performing at Decadence Arizona this New Years. You can buy your tickets here!

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