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Datsik Releases Powerful New EP

In a recent interview with the duo comprised of Datsik and Bais Haus otherwise known as Ephwurd, both I and readers mused on how two popular DJ’s and Producers could uphold their respective individual brands while catering to a massive new collaborative effort presented in 2017. Fortunately for Datsik fans, it looks like material is never in shortage as he takes charge in his brand-new release, the Master of Shadows EP fresh off of Firepower Records.

It’s been a hot minute since we last heard from Datsik in a solo-perspective, but the Master of Shadows EP boasts next-generation sounds that transcend the current mainstream market. In his entry-track called “Pressure Plates,” the composition aficionado takes advantage of lighter sounds. Entering with trance-elements and a catchy synth backing what could be perceived as a harpsichord, it looks like Datsik decided to launch an offensive against anything that might be perceived as a boring trend in modern electronic music. Check the full EP out below.

After “Pressure Plates” warms up audiences with its fresh take on multiple samples and organic sounds, Datsik is joined by Virtual Riot on “Warriors of the Night” with an avant-garde voice-over detailing the inner truth of the ninja. He drops the lighter melodic elements in favor of his traditional drops and Ganja White Night and T Rabb continue this trend in the third track which brings aural familiarity with the unknown. Datsik continues to flaunt his appreciation for the unexplored when JPhelpz joins his rough beats on “Ronin Riddim,” bringing back his experimental side for the solo-jaunt, “You’ve Changed;” It’s clear Datsik is embracing certain hip-hop elements with this EP.

The EP rounds out with another Virtual Riot track and a grand finale presented in the form of “Find Me” with Excision and Dion Timmer that brings guitar and serious drops together for what could have been a full-length album. While Datsik may have been busy earlier in the season with Ephwurd, it’s clear he still intends to bring musical dubstep greatness to the Datsik brand. With a slew of interesting artists lining most of the tracks, the head-honcho himself makes sure his vision is never overshadowed by outside influences. Grab the new EP here.

Datsik is bringing his tour to AZ this Spring on three different dates. First, he’ll be in Flagstaff, then Tucson, and finally, Phoenix! Grab tickets in the city links!

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