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Fransis Derelle Takes Listeners to A ‘Pixel Paradise’ with New EP

In what seems like the nick of time, Fransis Derelle recently garnered attention with the exciting release of his brand new EP titled Pixel Paradise. Presenting itself with a geektastic MMO-inspired cover, Derelle and his collaborators only need four song slots to display his bombastic, in-your-face production style which could send shivers through his creative cohorts in the industry.

The aesthetic of “Pixel Paradise” is entrancing but the true magic stems from the energy felt between Fransis Derelle’s laid-down instrumentals and the fellow artists who join him. Starting with the perplexing and radio-friendly “Hollywood,” Lisa Cimorelli reinvents what it means to bring blue-eyed soul to dance music once more. “Hollywood” would be considered friendly to mainstream ears, but Derelle incorporates a mix of techno, progressive house, and 8-bit sounds to round out the above-mentioned image the newly released EP strives for.

“Bang” featuring Mikey Ceasar brings trap-like drops to the already progressive vibes of the former track. Mikey easily glides over the production in what seems like an effortless combination on Derelle’s part in crafting the track. “Bankroll” featuring Born I Music slows down the beat but invites classic trap sounds that will be no-doubt welcomed in 2018. Finally, Packing heat with X&G, along with Kevin Flum and Effy, “Slow” brings chopped-n-screwed, R&B ballad elements and transfers them to a more defined, trance-like style. With a genreless approach to an ear-worm of an EP, Pixel Paradise handles musical diversity in the most efficient way of production possible. Download the track here.

You can catch Francis Derelle alongside Buku and Jaykode in March. Grab tickets here.

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