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Illenuim Reworks Kaskade’s ‘Disarm You’ and it Goes Hard

NYE is all about fresh starts. Festival goers at San Diego’s OMFG! NYE fest stopped by Illenuim’s set to have their sins washed away with his pure and innocent vibes. Much to their (and our) surprise, Miller had an unexpected tweak to his live set–a harder than hell re-remix of his own rendition of Kaskade’s “Disarm You.” Words really do it justice, peep the vid.

Kaskade ft. Ilsey – Disarm You (Illenium VIP Remix)

The over-analyzer in me is trying to decipher this strategic move Illemium made. Was this him eluding to newer and harder music? Was 2018 going to bring a style change for him? Or was this simply just a special treat for NYE? Either way, let’s just hope we meet this remix again on our Soundcloud as that young free download.

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