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Mental Health Service Launched to Help Struggling Musicians

With mental health awareness on the rise, particularly within the music industry and with the late Chester Bennington’s suicide, many are starting to take action to prevent further tragedies from happening to those we admire and look up to.

Help Musicians UK

Help Musicians UK is a charity for musicians of all genres, focusing on helping musicians with many services throughout their careers. They have been around for 96 years, assisting with financial troubles, long-term illness, medical expenses, and more. Recently, they launched a service specific to mental health, called “Music Minds Matter.” The program provides a helpline, advice, counseling, and therapy, and much more to help musicians struggling with depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. The idea came about following Bennington’s tragic death, and those behind the new program aim to save the lives of many struggling musicians. “Music Minds Matter is the industry’s most comprehensive service yet – linking advice, signposting, clinical pathways and professional therapeutic services to Help Musicians UK’s traditional grants for musicians in need.”

You can learn more about this program by visiting their official website here.

Source: EDM Sauce

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