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Nonsens and The Palliative Start a ‘Wildfire’

The Danish power-trio which comprises Nonsens are not unfamiliar with crafting clever melodies, and their new single, “Wildfire,” featuring The Palliative pulls out all the bells and whistles you would expect from a musical odyssey. Nonsens’ new single combines the perfect ratios of pop melodies imploding with calm synths and heartfelt lyrics.

With a stable, indie-pop vocal riff from The Palliative, “Wildfire” contains the potential to be a moderately-paced radio banger with just enough house influences to feature a spot in a festival setlist. The most exciting part of the track arrives at the drop, where the producers borrow Middle-Eastern-inspired chord progressions which leaves its unique stamp on their new single. “Wildfire” is the perfect addition to Sony’s disco:wax label and proves itself through its artistic moderation. Check out the track here, and check the links below for more Nonsens material.

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