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Redlight Brings the Groove with ‘Zum Zum’

In the electronic music industry, surprises can come from anywhere and anyone and in the form of fantastic musical imagery. For Redlight who just released his brand new single on Insomniac Records with Sweetie Irie‘s iconic “ragga vocals,” “Zum Zum” brings listeners back to the hey-day of tribal house.

The title may make you think of a car commercial, but Redlight’s “Zum Zum” brings back early 00’s elements of Jamaican dancehall not always found in modern dance. With the aggressive and slick approach of Sweetie Irie’s vocals, their brand new single effectively brings a new angle to the table of Insomniac.

Insomniac is known for delivering a variety of diverse beats, but Redlight’s style transcends the current status quo by challenging listeners with its viral yet simple synth riffs. In an effort to craft what possibly could be the new sound of 2018, Redlight and Sweetie Irie bring to the table their best effort in getting the dancefloor hot.

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