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Relentless Beat of the Week: Minnesota – ‘Dark Crystal’

Minnesota is known for combining so many intricate styles into one, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. With his melodic approach on glitch-hop, he has established himself as a festival crowd favorite. His music has been featured in sets by Bassnectar, Tokimonsta, and has been invited to hang out on tours and festivals all over the nation.

Lately, Minnesota has been focusing on new music. In his latest track, “Dark Crystal,” premiered on Nest HQ, Minnesota designed a monumental arrangement. With some drum n bass roots topped with old-fashioned instrumentation, “Dark Crystal” will surely make all the hippies come crawling out of their caves come festival season.

On Saturday, April 7, find Minnesota on the Phoenix Lights Invasion Stage, where he’ll be showing us his wonky way of doing things. Tickets are on sale now so make sure to grab one here before prices go up and don’t forget to join the event page to stay updated.

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