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Alison Wonderland’s New Single ‘Church’ is Heavenly

Alison Wonderland, born Alex Sholler, is a saint to release a single ahead of her new album, Awake. Anyone who has been following her on social media knows that creating this album has been a personal journey for her, and we feel honored to have been a part of it. She’s shared a lot with us, sometimes even going live on Instagram while writing music to draw from her fans’ vibes. In an interview with Billboard, she said, “I really pushed myself. I cried for this.” That makes the release of her new single, “Church” feel really special.

Alison Wonderland’s own melodic voice harmonizes very well with the high pitched vocals in this downtempo track. It’s a catchy beat with snapping fingers and lyrics like, “You never celebrate your hands on me / You better treat me like church.” It’s a song that sounds like an anthem for those wronged and a celebration for the future at the same time. She also released a music video to go along with “Church”, which includes Alison Wonderland dancing around with a church choir of young women and a fierce, sassy look on her face that will make whoever may have wronged her feel very stupid for doing so.

Alison Wonderland’s album Awake is set to come out this year. In the meantime, follow her on social media to get a more personal look into her musical journey.

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Source: Billboard

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