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Calippo’s Catchy New Single is ‘Good for You’

We could all use a little feel-good dance music in our lives, and Calippo is just what the doctor ordered. This week I discovered Calippo while looking for some good deep house music to vibe to, and his fun tropical beats blew me away. The Swiss-based producer and DJ creates simple yet funky upbeat tracks that are perfect to shuffle or bop along to, with his tracks being a mix of deep house and future house. He’s on the come up, passing three million plays on his song “Mr. Love You” on Spotify, and he’s listed on Beatport’s Top 100 Future House artists.

“Good For You” starts with futuristic, out-of-this-world synth sounds, and then the warped vocals fade in. The tempo really starts to pick up and the vibes get funky with a mix of synth piano and fun samples added in. It’s one of those tracks that takes all of the bad vibes away and only leaves you wanting to dance. All of Calippo’s music has this effect, but “Good for You” transcends his previous tracks with its tropical future sound. Impress your friends and blow them away by introducing them to Calippo. I promise, it’ll be good for them.

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