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DJ to Watch: PRXZM

Nick and Emma met on Indiana University’s “Class of 2017” Facebook Page. Producer and songwriter Nick Ortega needed a vocalist. Cue Emma Maidenberg, who at the time was looking for a producer to compliment her talents and bring her lyrics to life. They met, instantly connected musically, and  PRXZM was born. The music scene took notice, and in no time at all, PRXZM was flying all over the country, playing shows, connecting with fans, and growing in popularity with their online audience. Their signature sound is comprised of Nick’s s soaring, expertly blended synth progressions and piano melodies, and Emma’s pure, smooth and honest lyrical musings. Captivated by addictively catchy percussion, the two’s fan base is growing rapidly and increasing daily. Perhaps their so easy to love because it’s hard to compare them to anyone-they really have mastered the quality of uniqueness.  When I stumbled on them 2 years ago, it was with their remix of Valentino Khan’s “Deep Down Low” and from just the first 20 seconds I knew I had found something special. My description skills can only do so much, take a listen for yourself (track4) and soak up this week’s DJ to Watch.

With the announcement of their spring tour last week, the two are set to have their breakout year in 2018. Their 5th stop is right here in good ol’ Tempe to bring their indie electric pop vibes to Shady Park. Come out on March 23rd  and let’s get groovy with PRXZM, Party Nails, and MitiS- grab your tickets here.

Connect with PRXZM: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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