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DJ to Watch: UM..

Ben and Dylan are two up and coming producers who together have created a brand, sound, and name that is nothing short of unconventional. Driven by the all-encompassing desire to  “not give a f*ck”, the two have created “something out of nothing” and that “something” is music like we have never heard before. Its wavy, it’s wonky, it’s futuristic, it’s what I imagine an alien boiler room party would sound like. For this week’s DJ to watch we encourage you to take a listen to UM.. and set your schedules accordingly for Phoenix Lights.

As graduates from the prestigious Icon Collective Music School and masters of “weirdness”, Ben and Dylan are fast-tracked to be top-of-the-mind producers and pioneers of the “egoless productions.” On vast differentiator we see in UM.. is their commitment to leaving their ego at the door and entering the studio as two pure souls who keep it true to their personality and vision. They two explained, “We feel like if everyone was really weird and did their own thing then the world would be a much better place – It’s so serious, everyone is trying so hard to fit in, worrying about what everyone else thinks.” It’s awesome to see hear this sediment come alive in their music. Their Shambhala set is an hour and 30 minutes ego-less tunes, check it out here.

We are stoked to welcome UM.. to Phoenix Lights this spring. Grab your tickets here.

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