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How Gem & Jam is Influencing the Average Festival Goer

Gem & Jam is held just south of the city in coordination with the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show. It’s easily one of the most down to Earth events I have ever attended, and I always find myself coming back. Every year, I frolic through the event gazing in awe at the artwork all around me. Honestly, there’s nothing like it. Nothing. Not even your fanciest local art exhibit compares to the artistic experience you receive at Gem & Jam.


With live painting and exhibits everywhere you turn, you learn a little more about life and how people depict it differently. The artists stand close as they work hard and show the crowd their skills, and the vendors do a great job of showing out, too! Fire spinning, painting, and immersive art installations are just some of the crafts laid out across the Pima County Fairgrounds and I was taken aback by every single one of them.

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In addition to the art, what I really enjoyed about Gem & Jam is how approachable everyone was. I felt as if I could talk to anyone like they’re my best friend, and it’s that same vibe every year. It’s the easiest place to get to know people and make new friends, without a doubt. This year, I ran into tons of people I already knew and got to know more people within this super heady demographic. Every time I turned around I would run into a new group of people and surely make a conversation out of it.


It’s no secret that Gem & Jam has a special place in my heart. Being surrounded by such open-minded individuals and earthy artwork has truly had an effect on the person I am and the life I lead. Four years and running, Gem & Jam has helped mold me into a more understanding, aware individual, and that’s something you can’t find just anywhere.

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