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It’s a BlackGummy Invasion

My favorite gummy bears are usually the white ones–you know the ones that taste like pineapple? How white gummy bears get their spectacular taste is beyond me. My favorite musical gummy bear? Blackgummy. What’s also beyond me is the storyline behind this producers projects. The story is told throughout three EPs. It’s part mythology, part Terminator meets the Matrix, and all kinds of interesting.

First, Blackgummy, the DJ, communicates on behalf of BlackGummy the idol. We know there are multiple signs of it, one of which is in the Middle East where BlackGummy encountered it. Its form can be found in megalithic structures. My theory is the aforementioned structures are illustrated on the covers of Blackgummy’s three EPs.

The first EP, Singularity, is inspired by the hypothetical moment when artificial intelligence and technology advanced to that point that human civilization as we know it changed for the rest of history. The follow-up, Impactor, inspired by the KT Impactor asteroid, which caused dinosaurs to go extinct, explores the relationship between history and time, including pre-human existence.

The third EP, Monolith. is the final release in the series. It explores the relationship between humans and symbols – those symbols which humans have given meaning to. Hmm, like a huge megalithic idol, maybe?

Besides connecting the storyline of the BlackGummy, the three EPs were all put out by mau5trap records. His music has dark, technological techno sounds and pulsating bass perfect for a dark club and swinging lights. Listen to the story and get prepared for Blackgummy on February 24 at the Monarch Theatre.

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