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Medasin Cures Us with New ‘Irene’ EP Mix

A few weeks ago, up and coming and extremely talented producer, Medasin, released a 30-minute mix of purely original music. In past months Medasin has been on the radar, but he’s mainly done remixes of other’s music and while they are all wonderfully unique, they haven’t been what he’s wanted to portray to his fans.

In a tweet earlier this month Medasin wrote, “It has been hard to portray my true musical intentions via doing big remixes of pop songs. Those are fun, but they don’t represent me like this does. This is special.”

This 30-minute mix is nearly all instrumental with added spouts of rhythmic Hip-Hop. If Medasin wasn’t on your radar before, I would definitely recommend putting him on there now as he’s getting ready to take off on his first headlining tour. Check out the tracklist for the mix below:

1. intro
2. conspiracy theory
3. melody X
4. JOBA – sad saturdays (medasin remix)
5. melody X (house edit)
6. crack rock
7. hollowed
8. medasin & sakuraburst – ID
9. microdose
10. post malone – i fall apart (medasin remix instrumental)
11. zora’s domain
12. black
13. smallroomjam
14. beach trip
15. home
16. outro

Connect with Medasin: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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