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Mija Teaches Us ‘How to Measure the Distance Between Lovers’ with New EP

Amber Giles, or as her fans know her, Mija, is an Arizona Home Town Hero. Watching her evolve into the DJ she is today has been special. The Phoenician just released her new EP How to Measure The Distance Between Lovers and it is unlike anything we have seen from her before. The lo-fi album has a club feel to it that draws the listener in. Since her Dirtybird Campout West debut, the feel of her music has been progressively changing. Mija is known for saying “FK a genre” when it comes to her music, as she does not want to be recognized for just one type of music and doing so has gained her a lot of respect from artists and fans.

This is the kind of EP that makes you laugh, then cry, then call your mom and tell her you love her. My personal favorites are “Falling ApART (again)” and “Speak To Me.” I love the complex and somber lyrics of “Speak To Me,” they are simply beautiful. While the entire track of “Falling ApART (again)” makes me feel the emotions that Mija put into her EP. You can tell Mija poured her heart and soul into it. She stated that two and a half years of work went into this piece of art.

Mija is a jack of all trades, from clothing design to painting, yet she still somehow has time to work on and develop her music in incredible ways. At only 25, she has already played shows all over the world alongside some of today’s biggest names in electronic music and on March 10th she plays at Monarch’s Scarlet Room for her Never B Alone tour. Her set is sure to have everyone dancing until the early morning. Make sure to check out her powerful EP, and pick up tickets to her show here!

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