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Mystery Duo ATLiens Brings Diverse Sounds with New Single

Once again in the electronic music world, two mysterious figures have come forth to deliver sick beats and deceptively melodic chords. The unnamed duo behind ATLiens recently dropped their new heavy-hitting single on Oracle Records called “Interstellar.”

Fitting nicely within the Sci-Fi theme, the duo signs on vocalist Sara Skinner to bring a playful free-loving approach to her interpretation of the lyrics. Backed by a powerful drop which defies an origin genre, ATLiens use their apparent knowledge of bass and percussion to excitingly guide this new single. “Interstellar” would fit perfectly within the science fiction genre and skirts the line between soft-ballad and exciting romp.

While we may not know the identities behind ATLiens, it’s clear that their brand of hybrid progressive electronic music has ambitious plans. “Interstellar” arrives at the helm of the charge lead by their new upcoming EP Invasion, which will reach airwaves in the near future. Grab the new single here.

Connect with ATLiens: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with Sara Skinner: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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