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Raiden Goes Melancholy on ‘Always On Time’

What’s better than the perfect mix of melodic production and vocals provided by an unlikely source? It’s hard to say with Raiden‘s new single, featuring YURI from K-Pop group sensation, Girls’ Generation. Titled “Always Find You,” Raiden’s new track harks back to early 2000 power ballads while also retaining trance sensibilities.

Raiden X YURI (Girls’ Generation) – Always Find You (Official Music Video)

The lyrics can be simple but the mixture of trance-inspired synths and progressive drops give the soft-spoken vocals an entirely new meaning. Raiden also makes it clear that electronic music needs more K-Pop related contributions with the emotions YURI lays down on the track. With a cool disconnect to the lyrics, YURI tastefully adds emotion without going over the edge.

Although Raiden has yet to make an impact on the Billboard charts, “Always Find You” reflects the future of radio EDM by matching familiar chord progressions with a dash of Raiden’s signature blend to set his new track apart from his contemporaries. The track may not be the first selection for a one-off warehouse gig, but “Always Find You” would find the perfect home in the middle of a set, allowing the crowd to settle into the set’s vibes. If YURI’s involvement is any indication of what we need to produce more pop-electro, the answer leads to more international artist involvement. Download the new track from Protocol Recordings/SM Entertainment here.

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