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[VIDEO] RB Exclusive Interview: Gerry Gonza – Arizona’s Sweetheart

Our love for AZ local, Gerardo Arellano, is as deep as the vibrations he creates. It was only fitting to bring him out for the love-filled fest Crush AZ, to not only show him the love that we have for him but to give him those warm and fuzzy feelings from the hanger-packed crowd that was screaming his lyrics. Gerry Gonza brought the upbeat bass, leaving nothing but love-struck festival attendees. Just after he jumped off the decks and just before he partied the night away with us, I sat down with him to get all lovey-dovey about him, his music, and the things that make his heart triple in BPMs. Read and WATCH it below!

Crush Arizona 2018: Gerry Gonza Interview

We’ve had the pleasure seeing a lot of you lately. You rocked it at Goldrush and you just played a sold-out show with Destructo at Monarch. From the time you spent on stage here how would you describe your experience with us compared other cities.

There is definitely so much heart here in Phx. One of my favorite things about playing here is you really can throw anything at them and they will groove and vibe to it’s the best, its why I love playing here so much.

Of all the numerous RB shows you’ve played here in your hometown, which one so far has been your favorite and why?

Decadence 2017! That was really recent but it sticks out for a few reasons. One the set was one of my favorites I was really happy with it. Second I got to play on the same stage as Justice and BoysNoise. These two are the reason why I got into producing and djing. It was amazing to be face to face with my heroes and It really was an amazing and full circle moment.

Let’s talk about the ‘Let’s Be Friends’ tour. How did the opportunity arise?

It really was as simple as he had heard my stuff, called with the invite and it was a done deal. We’ve known each other for a couple of years since my past duo thee cool cats and we obviously vibe to the same sounds. He had me remix his track For Real. He’s always been really supportive so this is really taking it to the next level with him.


What’s been your best memory so far from the tour?

Absolutely. San Diego Spin was incredible. San Diego is the biggest city from my home which is Mexico and everyone came out. I had my family and friends all the way back from elementary school there. It really just felt amazing to be back there with this new project and to feel the people loving it. it felt incredible it to sell out and it is one that for sure stand out.

You have a lot of successes under your belt with tracks like “bad bitches,” “shots to the dome,” being featured on DR Fresch’s Prescriptions radio etc., I’m sure these are propelling further and further to the recognition you deserve. What is an aspiration you are looking to accomplished in 2018?

You know it’s funny I was just thinking about this, what are the goals I wish to accomplish and really I have to be honest I don’t think I have any specific ones right now. All I want to do is make music and play it every day for my people, my fans. I get to do that and I am happiest doing that. I want to be around people who are down with Gerry Gonza, I want that die-hard fan base and I’m starting to feel it.

Crush AZ has got me all sentimental, so I gotta know…what three things do you love most in the world?

Huge lover of native culture, I love all things encompassing it. I love martial arts (I can kick your ass), I LOVE cooking. I have a goal to open my own restaurant and I’m vegan so it would have both.”

Well, you have it. Gonza is out here cooking up more than fire beats.  We’ve loved ringing in the weekend of love with him and we can’t wait to have him back. Keep tabs on this one, He’s our Az rave sweetheart.

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