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Rich Brian Drops Debut Album ‘Amen’

Brian Imanuel, formerly known as Rich Chigga but now going by Rich Brian, has been on the rise since his breakout song “Dat $tick” dropped in 2016. He built this reputation over the last year with a hectic touring schedule and now he’s released his debut album, Amen. His comedic demeanor might have led you to believe he’s just a novelty act, but his latest endeavor will prove otherwise. Rich Brian told XXL, leading up to the release, “There’s still going to be funny stuff. When you listen to it, you might still laugh and stuff, that’s cool. That’s what I’m going for too. But it’s not a joke. When people listen to it, they’re going to be like, ‘It’s that real shit.'”  It’s a massive debut project with a whopping 14 tracks with appearances from Offset, Niki, Joji and August 08. Take a listen below.

He makes a clear effort on Amen to stray from the mistakes he’s made in his past like using racial slurs, instead opting to speak about his own experiences. Rich Brian talks about his rapidly changing life as a teenage star dealing with love, sex, partying and popularity. The rapper who started learning English from Macklemore’s “Thriftshop” is quickly becoming one of the greats he admired, stating “I’m a one and only, but I swear about a thousand Indonesian kids will come with me.” He’s become a pioneer in the Asian rap game, becoming the first Asian rapper to top the Billboard Charts. It’s only up from here for Rich Brian.

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