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Riot Ten’s ‘Pit Boss’ is the Perfect Mosh Music

Riot Ten has been on our filth radar ever since he released his first EP, Hype or Die: Headbangerz on Datsik‘s Firepower Records. Since then, he has also released music on Steve Aoki‘s Dim Makis and Excision‘s Rotten Records. Riot Ten is one of the grimiest hard trap artists out there. He marries heavy bass and snappy drums with a metal or trap (or both) influence to create tracks that will get you feeling aggressive for no reason. The El Paso based DJ, also known as Christopher Wilson, is known for producing great headbangers, and he’s teamed up with Sullivan King to give us another one.

The first few seconds of “Pit Boss” feature trap vocals, which leads the listener to think it might be a typical trap song. Nope. Aggressive guitar and rapid drums combined with DJ Paul‘s roaring lyrics like, “Meet me in a mosh pit, b*tch,” catapult this song into full-on hard trap. The beat builds until the drums are in rapid fire and then drops into something so raunchy you can’t help but mosh it out. Riot Ten is the master of taking a hard trap beat and using dubstep drops, but even “Pit Boss” is unique with its heavy metal vibes. It’s the perfect song to mosh to–you’ll feel like you’re a pit boss!

Riot Ten is joining Carbin and Space Jesus on Datsik’s Ninja Nation Tour with THREE shows in Arizona! His shows have been selling out fast, so get your tickets ASAP for Tucson, Phoenix or Flagstaff.

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