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SLANDER and SAYMYNAME Team Up For ‘I Can’t Escape’

It’s no surprise Slander has been popping up frequently as they experiment with more avant-garde sounds. Aside from their triumphant Post Malone remix, Slander’s latest creation finds themselves collaborating with the mighty SAYMYNAME on a new track titled “I Can’t Escape” featuring Feli Ferraro on vocals.

This new track contains one of the most peculiar combinations of mainstream house and “dubtrap” currently on the airwaves today. While their new single from Insomniac Records might disguise itself as your standard house-fare in the intro, “I Can’t Escape” quickly evolves into a dubtrap hybrid, changing the fabric of the mainstream. Instrumentally, the drop provides their new single with the heavy grit you would expect from a Slander/SAYMYNAME collab.

Vocally, Feli Ferraro interprets the emotional lyrics from a soulful perspective. Her chorus may not be the star when compared to the hard-hitting drop, Ferraro’s interpretation of the lyrics brings the calmer portions of the track to new heights. Both producers invoke hardcore elements into the drops, making the house elements a separate piece from this electric symphony. Telling a story with lyrics and instrumentals, Feli Ferraro gracefully aids the team in topping off a banger with a cherry on top.

Grab the new track here.

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