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10 Iconic Songs in the Last 10+ Years of EDM

Though EDM has been around for decades, the popularization of EDM has come in the past ten years. Think about it, when did you actually start to consistently hear EDM on the radio, in TV ads, or people talking about it outside of rave culture? The past ten plus years of EDM have shown immense growth of the scene, and of the artists themselves. Today I will be taking you on a journey through some iconic tunes in the past 10+ years of EDM.

Heaven (featuring Do) – DJ Sammy, D/O (2002)

As one of the first EDM songs I’ve ever heard, “Heaven” is a song that I first remember listening to when I was around 9 or 10. I was on the internet browsing around through different videos when this song popped up. With it’s high energy vocals and spirited beat, it’s no surprise that I fell in love with this song at such an innocent age. This song is one that I believe defines what people think of when they think EDM, and what a song to represent.

Call On Me – Eric Prydz (2004)

Prior to creating his other monikers (Pryda, Cirez D, Sheridan, and more) Eric Prydz released a classic, “Call On Me.” Prydz is highly respected in EDM community for his long-lasting creation of music, his distinct style, and his love for the scene itself. This song is one that I distinctly remember hearing in my Mom’s car when I was little. We were driving down a road on a late-night, and this song came on. I remember giggling away at how fun this so called “EDM” was.

Everytime We Touch – Cascada (2006)

Cascada is one of the artists I credit in my love affair with EDM. Hearing it first in a random YouTube video, I loved the song so much that I religiously scavenged the internet to find it. Once I found “Everytime We Touch,” I was hooked. The angsty pre-teen in me loved the lyrics and the fierce beat it provided. I replayed that song more times than I can even count.

The Island – Pt. II (Dusk) – Pendulum (2010)

Pendulum – The Island Pt. 2 (Dusk)

Pendulum.. what can I say? With the rumors swirling of new music to be made, I eagerly put this song on my playlist! “The Island” is a two part song that is nothing shy of epic. Before Knife Party, two members of Pendulum created massive songs like this one. It was a tune that really got me invested in EDM, and will always be one of my favorites.

Harlem Shake – Baauer (2013)

Baauer – Harlem Shake [Official Audio]

Oh yes, Harlem Shake is definitely on this list. This was the song that absolutely everyone was playing, and making a video to, when I was in highschool. I think this song became so popular because of how infectiously happy it made people. Baauer has become increasingly popular upon it’s release and even played at Gold Rush 2017 this past year.

Don’t You Worry Child – Swedish House Mafia, John Martin (2013)

Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child ft. John Martin

With rumors swirling of the possible return of Swedish House Mafia, and the impression this song made, it was inevitable that this track end up on this list! This song is one I still remember hearing on the local radio stations, at all of the restaurants, anywhere and everywhere. To me, this song was the turning point in which EDM began becoming more popular to people that may have not once listened to it.

Animals – Martin Garrix (2013)

Martin Garrix – Animals (Official Video)

What can I say? 2013 was a huge year for EDM. “Animals” is a song that was literally on a playlist I created for ‘night-time fun.’ It was my anthem for having a good time and creating amazing memories. Martin Garrix’s sound has evolved in the years since this songs release, but he still remains as one of the top EDM artists of his kind, still churning out hit after hit years after Animal’s release.

Boy Oh Boy – GTA, Diplo (2014)

Diplo & GTA – Boy Oh Boy [Official Full Stream]

“Boy Oh Boy”… all the things I could say about this song. Well, IT’S AMAZING! It’s hard to believe it’s been four years since GTA and Diplo released this track. This song is one that truly ignites the inner fire of your soul and gets you wanting to jump up and down! In the years since, they have both gone on to shape the mold of EDM with other various tracks.

Summer – Calvin Harris (2014)

Calvin Harris – Summer (Audio)

Clichés aside, this song truly defined my summer when this came out. I heard it everywhere I went, and each time I jammed out to it. The entire Motion album by Calvin Harris is truly a masterpiece, but this song has to be one of my favorites. In the years since, Calvin has showed he’s collaboration royalty, creating amazing tracks with artists like Rihanna, Frank Ocean, Future, Khalid, and many more.

Where Are Ü Now (feat. Justin Bieber) – Jack Ü (Diplo and Skrillex) (2015)

Skrillex and Diplo – “Where Are Ü Now” with Justin Bieber (Official Video)

Diplo and Skrillex collaborated to create the super duo Jack Ü in 2013. The self-titled album they released in 2015 was filled to the brim with amazing songs, but it is obvious that “Where Are Ü Now” was one of the most popular, boasting almost 60 million plays on SoundCloud, it is clear this song is one that shaped EDM in the year of 2015.



I can’t wait to see what the next 10+ years of EDM bring!


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