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A Guide to Crizzly’s Crunkstep

What follows is a general guide to Crunkstep – the genre currently being carried by Crizzly, whose four Crunkstep mixes are fresh to def. His latest, Crunkstep Vol. 4, was released last September.

What is CrunkStep?

Crunk: definition “a type of hip-hop music characterized by repeated shouted catchphrases and elements typical of electronic dance music, such as prominent bass.”

Crunkstep: definition “the blending of hip-hop and dubstep” and “really anything bass oriented. It doesn’t matter what the tempo is, it doesn’t matter how it exactly sounds, it’s just my style and what I bring to the table,” per Crizzly from his 2014 interview with

Why would Crizzly create such a thing?

From his 2014 interview, “One of the main reasons why I created [crunkstep] was because, fuck genres. I would rather people associate my music with a brand that defines me. It could be fucking ‘Pizza Shit’ or ‘Pizza-cheese-step,’ for all I care.”

How do you enjoy CrunkStep?

Per Crizzly’s interview with in 2013: “What you do, is you put on your gold shoes, you get your Sprayground backpack, you put the shades on, you hit the club up, and you put your fist face on, and you just get hyphy. You just put your two hands in the air and you just rage.”

What does CrunkStep sound like?

I know my role involves writing about and describing music, but CrunkStep is to be enjoyed, not described. Besides, I don’t think I or anyone can properly do this genre justice in words. Just listen to his latest mix, Crunkstep Vol. 4, and please, be reasonable and respectful–don’t listen to it somewhere that you can’t turn all the way up, cool?

Soon you too can get your gold dancing shoes ready and get hyphy with Crizzly. He’ll be playing Wet Electric 2018 on April 28 with Adventure Club, Bro Safari, Dr. Fresch, Loud Luxury, J. Philip, Sevenn, SNBRN, and many more.

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