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Why You Oughta Know Denis Sulta

There are good house tracks, and then there’s the kind of track that takes you somewhere else entirely. It’s the sort of song that—no matter how many times you’ve heard it—grabs you by the heart each time it plays. Tracks like that can only be composed by an artist who’s truly in love with their craft, who pours their soul into every measure. “Nein Fortiate” by Denis Sulta is one such track.

Unless you’re big into the UK house and garage scene, you’re likely not familiar with Denis Sulta..just yet. However, that’s almost certainly about to change. The Scottish DJ, born Hector Barbour, is somewhat of a dance music wunderkind. In 2015, the then-23-year-old artist was playing a residency at a local club in his hometown of Glasgow. Fast forward to 2018, and he’s touring all over Europe—even venturing across the pond more than once in the past six months, playing shows in a handful of major cities. In 2017, he was voted “Best DJ” for DJ Mag’s “Best of British” awards. His music, including the 2015 house track “It’s Only Real” has been dropped during sets by major UK names like Four Tet, Skream, Bicep, and Jackmaster.

Barbour’s performances have a certain kind of magic as well, even moving some fans to tears. To get a feel for what makes a Denis Sulta show so electric, check out his Boiler Room set from the 2017 AVA Festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It’s a simple setup—no elaborate light show, no screens full of visuals, no hyping up the crowd through a microphone. And yet, he makes the entire crowd bounce in a way that’s entirely organic. And judging by the expression on his face, he obviously has fun doing it.

Denis Sulta Boiler Room x AVA Festival DJ Set

Denis Sulta is only just making a name for himself stateside, but if his energetic live shows and beautiful, bouncy house tracks are any indication, we’re about to be seeing a lot more of him.

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