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Autograf Drops ‘Dead Soon’

Autograf has been lighting up the charts with their electric sound and vibrant beats. Most recently Autograf teamed up with Lils and Bonsai Mammal to create “Dead Soon.” Having teamed up with Lils in the past to create their song “You Might Be,” it’s clear that Autograf loves her sound. “Dead Soon” sucks the listener in with its relaxed vocals and simmering rhythm. Listen to it below!

The beginning of the song starts with a smooth piano intro, transitioning into a beat that you feel in your heart. The song itself has so much emotion, not only in the lyrics but in the overall vibe the song carries. By about a minute in, you get so lost in the song you don’t realize it’s almost over.

“Dead Soon” holds true to Autograf’s ‘chill’ demeanor but holds a slightly different style than they have released in the past. It’s a track that shows how versatile they can be as artists. If this song is any indication of where the year will take Autograf, we’ll be watching closely. Catch Autograf at Phoenix Lights 2018! Grab your tickets here!

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