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Corey James drops Progressive House Jungle Banger, “Find You” feat. Nino Lucarelli

After building up clout with a remix of “Only For You” on Nicky Romero‘s Protocol Recordings, Corey James enlists the help of vocalist Nino Lucarelli for his brand new single: “Find You.”

Corey James – Find You (ft. Nino Lucarelli) 

Corey James brings a tribal, jungle beat to a currently calm scene of Progressive House, while showing his determination to bring the word “frantic” to “party.” With the help of Nino Lucarelli, “Find You” perks up around the 1:30 mark when his soulful yet restrained vocals glide over the digital percussion. Corey James’ new single is not only a feat in the world of House, but will definitely find its home in the hearts of listeners who beg for more drops. While it may not be traditionally identified as a proper drop, the last seconds of the 2-minute mark shifts into a frenetic frenzy of what can only be described as an unconventional house drop.

With the momentum of his last single, “Find You” is a short-but-sweet tribute to the mix of Euro and North American house that has been slowly making its way into the scene. Suited for the festival circuit and packed with arena-type production, “Find You” will find its way into the hearts of listeners who crave a massive house banger. Grab the single here.

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