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DJ to Watch: KANDY

I know a DJ who’s tough but sweet. He’s so fine, his sound can’t be beat. He’s got everything that the crowd desires, his sets are fire. I want (to show you)….KANDY! Now that we properly introduced today’s DJ to Watch with a little Aaron Carter throwback, let’s get to know the man who brings the fun flavor to today’s dance scene. For the past 5 years, the New York-based producer, Kevin Schuppel, has been crafting his sound and within in the last two years, has taken his work to the stages of Ultra, Global Denver, and our stage at Phoenix Lights next month. Now that KANDY has broken out of the bedroom, he’s garnering the masses and acquired outward support from Marshmello, Laidback Luke, 4B, and DJ Snake. Since the release of his debut EP,  FlavorsParty Favor has been throwing his track “Initiator” into his live sets. The big dogs are playing his tunes proudly and when you hear his stuff you’ll understand why.

For someone labeled as an “up and comer,” he’s not letting his newness keep him from living out his passion projects. The man already has an imprint, the Cavity Collective. This is KANDY’s platform for like-minded producers to spread their sound and keep the bedroom producers inspired. He spoke on the project and said, “ I am looking to create something meaningful, something that young producers can have to use as a platform to share their music.” With new talent already featured it’s safe to say his vision is coming to life.

Arizona, I hope you’re ready for a sugar rush because KANDY is bringing his sweet ass beats to Phoenix Lights. Grab your tickets before they sell out…we have a feeling it’ll be a treat.

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