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DJ to Watch: Tisoki

Hailing from across the pond, dubstep DJ and producer Tisoki has become more and more prominent in the EDM scene, thanks to his abundance of dancefloor bangers and headbanging anthems. Sampling from a selection of different styles, Tisoki’s range has led to creations that demonstrate his prowess in dubstep and other bass-heavy sub genres, while also indulging in other styles to form an overall eclectic sound.

Since he emerged onto the scene several years back, Tisoki has released music on almost every major label in bass music: OWSLA, Buygore, Never Say Die, Disciple, Ram, Rottun, and Firepower. He’s also received support from some big-name artists like Skrillex, Getter, Excision, and The Chainsmokers.

Tisoki released his latest EP, Time Travel, just last year, which ranges from the electronic juggernaut of the title track to the trapped-out tune, “Stussin” (feat. Gravity). It’s yet another EP from Tisoki covering all corners of the bass spectrum. Check it out below.

Tisoki self-released Time Travel, and rumor has it, he’s working with fellow DJ and producer, Oliverse on metal covers of each track on the EP, something Tisoki has said to be a long-time dream of his. “I would love to get them on a metal label if possible – like a label miles away from dubstep or anything traditional or typical to bass music. And if no one bites then I’ll put them out myself. They’re so different and so cool to do.”

Be sure to keep your eye on Tisoki – if you’re looking for some new headbanging tunes, or just new, quality bass music, he’s your man. You can catch him for an epic night of dubstep alongside Megalodon at the Monarch Theatre on May 31. Get your tickets here.

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