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It’s ‘Vital’ That You Check Out Dr. Ozi’s New EP

Dr. Ozi’s powerful dubstep sound has rattled listeners bones since his debut in 2011, and his new EP, Vital, is no different. Signing with Never Say Die Records, Ozi formulated 4 of the heaviest dubstep songs we’ve seen on this side of the Mississippi. This dubstep isn’t a joke and should be handled with care. The rapid basslines that lead up to heart-clenching drops are something that Ozi workes hard on and are uncommon in upcoming dubstep today. Dr. Ozi isn’t afraid to push limits on what’s in his music, and because of that, his work has massively paid off.

Nix Chohan developed the name Dr. Ozi as a figure of childhood imagination, but over time the name’s meaning changed and began to grow into the musical character we see today. The Toronto based producer is one of the fastest growing names in the industry. His insane dub sound has gotten him recognition from artists like Skrillex, Zomboy, Getter, and Snails. Giving him the chance to release numerous singles on some of the industry’s biggest record labels like Buygore and Firepower Records.

If you are a basshead it is Vital you check out this EP as soon as possible. I highly suggest the tracks “Take You There” and “Don’t Stop.” They both do an excellent job in showing listeners what Ozi is capable of. Additionally, come headbang with Dr. Ozi, MUST DIE!, and LAXX when they take over the Monarch Theatre on May 3rd. Purchase tickets here!

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