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Kaskade Releases Emotional New Single ‘Cold As Stone’

Kaskade has just released an emotive new single that resonates with broken and healing hearts everywhere. With powerhouse Charlotte Lawrence on vocals and Kaskade’s skilled production, the impact of “Cold As Stone” can be felt at the first chord. Lyrics like “Never felt so lonely, there you standing next to me / I always feel so empty when you promise you won’t leave / Every time you hold me I run away so I can breathe” lead to an impressive, synth-filled drop, making this a breakup track we actually want to hear again and again.

“This song was conceived over a year and a half ago and it’s been sitting on my hard drive ‘cause I could never quite get it right,” Kaskade said of the production, “I loved it, but I just was frustrated ‘cause I couldn’t deal with it in the way I wanted to. That is until Charlotte sang it and when she sang it, she just nailed it, and really, after that, everything kinda came together.” It’s full of raw, vulnerable emotion so grab a tissue and take a listen.

“’Cold as Stone’ presented itself as a sort of departure from the songs I’ve put out in the last while,” Kaskade says in a press release. “It didn’t end up being that forever-love message we’d all love to hear. Instead, it’s an emotional reckoning from a pretty vulnerable place. Charlotte Lawrence’s voice was that perfect storm of beauty, anger and quiet strength which is a rare find. It helped paint that audio picture of falling out of love, which is painful. Even though the song is called ‘Cold as Stone,’ it will probably make quite a few people feel exactly the opposite.”

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