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Michelle Sparks Ground Breaking EP ‘Force Field’ is Out TODAY!

Techno Goddess Michelle Sparks has just released her debut EP Force Field through Octopus Black Label. The two-track EP is short but dense and packs a punch with hard-hitting techno beats that take the soul on a journey. The first track, “Force Field,” has a heart beating bassline that subdues listeners into a state of bliss. As the song progresses it develops a pitch that moves listeners back to a euphoric trancelike state. This form of sheer hypnotization runs common throughout all Octopus Label releases, and crowds at clubs couldn’t be happier. The second track, “Harajuku,” is techno gold (or black?). The perfect fusion of drumlines, whips, and stirs help listeners discover a darker realm of their imagination. Harajuku manages to jolt the senses while still luring you back to a trance state. Listen to and buy the EP here.


Michelle Sparks has played a handful of shows with RBDeep in the past and every time crowds can’t help but fall into a state of hypnosis. Sparks debuted in 2014 with her single “Tootsie Pop” and we haven’t seen any formal releases since so this is a huge milestone for the Phoenix-based artist.

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