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Modestep and Dion Timmer Release ‘Going Nowhere’

The electric rock group Modestep has teamed up with the infamous Dion Timmer to tell everyone that they are “Going Nowhere” in their latest masterpiece. This track has powerful lyrics that give me chills and some intense bass that is sure to melt faces. Modestep’s releases have been spread out over the past couple of years, so whenever we get a new track from them it’s sure to be a hit. This song dips into the genres of rock and dubstep, a growing trend with artists in the industry and it’s such a treat. Artists like Black Tiger Sex Machine, Kayzo, and Sullivan King are returning to their roots and bass heads everywhere can’t get enough.

Modestep and Dion Timmer are some of the biggest names in electronic. Since Modestep’s debut in the UKF dubstep days, the group has made their impression on the scene with hilarious music videos and outrageous bass drops. Dion Timmer has been gaining popularity over the past couple of years, playing festivals with some of the grimiest names in dubstep like Excision and Zomboy. After only being in the dubstep game for a few years, he already has played some impressive festivals like ‘The Paradox’ and ‘Lost Lands 2017.’ Grab a seat and get ready to “go nowhere” because this song is sure to live on and get thrown into dubstep sets everywhere!

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