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Ookay Drops ‘Loved or Lost’

Ookay, born Abraham Laguna, has been the king of producing catchy tracks after he stormed the EDM world with “Thief” in 2016. Since then, he hasn’t slowed down. His Wow! Cool! tour featured a live performance by Laguna, something new for the producer, but it was met with nothing but praise by his fans. But it’s not just Ookay’s ability to create catchy tunes and his talent as a live performer that makes Ookay special, he constantly pushes himself to become a better producer and clearly refuses to be boring. His tracks are a combination of chill downtempo beats, harmonious melodies, and relatable lyrics that you can sing along to. An example of one of these tracks is his new single from this month, “Loved or Lost”.

Electric guitar synths, snapping fingers, and Laguna’s smooth voice singing “And all I need is a moment of your time / So I can list the reasons that you should be mine” are all this song needs to get it stuck in your head for days after listening to it. Ookay has become so popular because his songs have a melody that’s easy to vibe to and the lyrics are easy to sing along to. No doubt Ookay will crank out another tune to catch you in your feels pretty soon!

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