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RB Deep in the Mix: Wongo — Nest HQ MiniMix

Wongo is a deep vibes producer from down unda’ and he has a knack for conjuring all the wiggles and wobbles. His sound broke out into the U.S. just over a year ago and a short amount of time he has gathered support from Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, Billy Kenny, and Martin Solveig just to name a few. Talent recognizes talent which is how he found himself on a Nest HQ mix, and our RB Deep in the Mix this week.

The 30 minutes of House thrills grabs you with zingy womps and synthy melodies and takes you on a rhythmed ride to the unheard and underground. Singing his praise, the good people at Nest HQ engraved his mix with a message that gives fans a look into who the man is between the screens.

“Of all the house music dudes in the game, Australia’s Wongo is probably one of the happiest, most jovial producers to ever hit the spotlight. Every email exchange, every correspondence with him leaves you feeling better about yourself and the world around you. You can hear it in his music, too. Effervescent but not too bubbly; fun with a bit of edge. He makes proper club bangers that don’t feel like “club bangers.” They’re organic and free-flowing, avoiding many of the patterns and formulas we tend to presume when hearing the term “certified panty dropper.” This is all to say that Wongo is more than just his music, and that’s what makes his music so good.”

Pumping some much-needed zip and zap into Bar Smith, Wongo is bringing his Aussie ass to Arizona. Come out on May 11th to see Wongo wiggle, grab your tickets here.

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