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Rezz Promotes Hydration and Sobriety by Chugging Water

Rezz. Isabelle Rezazadeh. Space Mom. Daddy (her words–she tweeted about it here). Whatever you call her, Rezz is beloved for her quirky personality, her hypnotizing stage presence, and her soul-snatching, out of this world music which she recently categorized as “f*ckin whatever”. Her adoring fans (hey, Cult of Rezz members!) obsess over every little thing she does, from her tweets that only say “h ,” to her drinking a Stella on stage, to her bigger life choices. So when Rezz made the announcement early this year that she was choosing to drink water on stage instead of beer, her fans were on board.

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Along with drinking water on stage, Rezz has decided to live the sober life offstage as well. Her sobriety has inspired other people to experience her shows sober and to drink more water. Rezz often tweets that hydration is important to her, so recently she has been doing group water chugs with her fans on Twitter. She tweets that at a certain time she will be chugging water and that everyone should join. At that time, she tweets “now!” She’s even released a “diluted brains” water bottle on her merch page for her cult members to chug out of.

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Space Mom has made a positive influence in my own life as well. Experiencing shows sober, cutting out alcohol, and partaking in Rezz’s group water chugs has made me feel happier and healthier. Any producer can make good music, but Rezz’s beautiful soul is what makes her different from the rest. It’s no wonder that she has a cult following of over 12,000 members on Facebook.

Being a fan of Rezz’s music is one thing, but being a “cult” member is a whole other level of obsession. Following Rezz on Twitter and joining the Cult of Rezz Facebook page ensures that you hear about upcoming shows and music releases, and it just makes you feel closer to Space Mom herself. Maybe you’ll get to partake in a group water chug!

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