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Swedish Producer Klahr Releases New Music on Axtone

If you haven’t heard of Klahr before, you’ve been missing out.  While the Swedish producer is only in his early twenties, his unparalleled talent has catapulted him into the house music scene, where he finds himself closely aligned with Axwell’s record label, Axtone.  After releasing wonderfully innovative house tunes like Lyon and Sapphire, a genre-dynamic EP titled Dreaming Wild, and an official remix of Axwell/Ingrosso’s “Dreamer”, the producer/DJ is back for yet another release on Axwell’s powerhouse label.

A common theme in Klahr’s discography is a challenge of the status quo regarding genre limitations and conditions of the EDM scene, and his newest release is no different. Titled “Live It Out,” the Swede’s newest record takes the listener on a musical voyage with a thoughtful arrangement, creative drops, and an inspiring vocal. Beginning with a buildup rather than an introduction, the record is unique from the moment the listener hits play.  The first drop is wildly creative as it boasts a fat bassline, bright percussion, and stylistic drum fills to keep things fresh and interesting.  The drop transitions into a vocal section that prepares the listener for the melodies and synth work that can be found in the following drop.  What makes the release even more exciting is that you can enjoy both an instrumental and vocal mix of the record.

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