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The Latest Track from UK House Legend Crooked Man is a Strange, Dreamy Voyage

House producer Richard Barratt is no newcomer to the electronic music scene. The Sheffield, England-based artist first rose to prominence in the 1980’s under the moniker DJ Parrot. But UK house enthusiasts probably know Barratt best as one-half the techno duo Sweet Exorcist. Now under the alias Crooked Man, Barratt has proven his continued mastery of the genre without compromising or aspiring to fall in line with the latest EDM trends, which is delightfully refreshing. House music purists rejoice as Crooked Man is set to release his four-part EP “Echo Loves Narcissus”—named for the classic Greek myth—under mega-label DFA Records. At the moment, Barratt has only gifted us with Part One of this musical epoch. But, if this first glimpse is any indication, the rest of the EP is bound to be one hell of an experience.

Part One opens with distorted, machine-like synths set to a timeless “four on the floor” house beat. As the song builds, it becomes a bass-infused, psychedelic adventure with ethereal descant vocals flying high over the noise—almost certainly a throwback to that early deep house sound. Crooked Man’s full EP is set to release on March 9.

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