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Troyboi Releases Trap Remix of Billie Eilish’s ‘My Boi’

Over the past month, dozens of incredible artists released new music. Among them was one of our favorites out of the UK, Billie Eilish and Troyboi. Eilish’s music has been rapidly surging throughout the US over the past year after her surprising hit song “Ocean Eyes” got so much play on Soundcloud, landing her on Billboard’s Top 100. Billie is now on her almost completely sold out tour after her EP release, dont smile at me.

One of the catchiest songs on the album is her edgy backlash to her male companion titled “My Boy.” This week, Troyboi released his remix to this song but tweaked the title to the aptly named “MyBoi.”

This track features everything we love about both artists–Billie’s effortless, velvety voice, along with Troyboi’s throwback bass-y sound.  Both of these artists have their own distinct styles and combined, they are clearly a power-duo.

Connect with Troyboi: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Connect with Billie Eilish: Website | Facebook | Soundcloud

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