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Vince Staples Makes a Proclamation on New Track

On March 7, Vince Staples propositioned haters. He started a GoFundMe and directed the following messaging at people who were talking shit about him, his music, and his performances: “If you want me to go away, give me the money I need to disappear.” As a fan, I grew worried. Did Staples have enough haters to essentially pay him to retire? Would some mega-rich snot-nosed teenage troll emerge with the cash just for Instagram clout? (Could you imagine the number of times that post would be shared!?)

Thankfully the money was not raised and Staples dropped a song a couple days later called “Get The F**K Off My D**K,” which tells me the GoFundMe was probably a promotion for the track. Staples is tired of a lot of stuff, like really tired, hence the use of the modifier f**k. Check the harsh single below.

Who or what is he frustrated with? On “GTFOMD”, he throws shade towards music journalists, his label, award shows, and casual folks recording him in public. One of the main issues Staples discusses is fame in general. He raps, “you don’t know my pain, bitch, don’t act like you don’t know my name/don’t record me man, bitch, you see me tryna board this plane/don’t you touch my frame, still the one who bust you in the brain/I don’t f**k with fame, you don’t see me in no f**kin’ chains.”

It’s no surprise Staples is garnering a lot of attention. His 2017 release The Big Fish Theory was lauded as one of the years best releases. As Staples becomes more of a household name, his fame is only going to increase, so why don’t we all just do him a favor, sit back and enjoy his music, and GTFOMD (I mean, his). Also, I went back and checked the GoFundMe and as of the writing of this piece, it’s only at 2k. Whoosh–thank god!

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