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4 Soulection Tracks to Get You Ready for Their Phoenix Lights Debut

With the sheer expanse of the 2018 Phoenix Lights lineup, there’s always going to be something a little bit different than the usual progressive house, dubstep, and trap. The collective known as Soulection will be taking the stage and featuring two influential members of their group as they share one set while promoting good vibes. Julio “The Whooligan” Galvez, a DJ and Director of Worldwide Bookings and Partnerships for Soulection will be joining forces with beatmaker Esta to throw down at Phoenix Lights. We’ll be taking a look at four tracks from Soulection artists to get you psyched up for their multi-genre, soulful sounds.

Esta – Catalina Dea 

In Esta’s first entry on the countdown, his track titled “Catalina Dia” captures Latin vibes with a “Shyamalan-esque” trap twist. With trumpets and traditional riffs lining the trap backbeat, hip hop elements in the track help create the international vibe on full display. “Catalina Dia” definitely floats outside of what many would consider mainstream trap, but has enough punch in the production to open the mind of those not as familiar with global genres.

oJ. – A Moment, Her

Armed with ambient vibes, oJ. donates organic instrumentation with a tinge of ambient electronic tinges sprinkled about. In “A Moment, Her” the listener is treated to a drumset breakdown meeting electronic piano riffs later topped with small episodes of Jazz. The ambient electronic elements found in “A Moment, Her” round out the instrumental story the song tells and is a breath of fresh air from more aggressive tracks which rely on bass to please.

Dave B. – Kandi

Dave B.’s “Kandi” smacks listeners in the face as soon as the first bar is laid down. As a song, the simplicity of the production doesn’t reduce the quality since Dave’s ability to lay down rhymes give us the vibes of a well-executed freestyle. “Kandi” has the punch of a lead single but with the indie appeal of Childish Gambino and doesn’t compromise with its deep, lyrical complexity.

J. Robb featuring Devin Tracy – TakeMee

To round out the list, we decided to shine light on an inventively catchy hybrid of R+B and chill house track called “TakeMee,” from J.Robb and Devin Tracy. While the mainstream days of R+B are long gone, one could say this track would represent the fusion of electronic and more soulful elements if the radio status quo didn’t change. The lyrics are playfully phrased by Devin as she adds a punch to the calming flute and bassline. Whether you’re chilling on your friend’s couch or driving through the Arizona desert, “TakeMee” can be the grand finale to a night of chilled out bedroom tunes.

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