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Boiler Room Magic: Honey Dijon at Sugar Mountain

Boiler Rooms are particularly interesting because the DJ has to fulfill two goals–entertain a live crowd while keeping the interest of an audience who is streaming the show later. Luckily for the DJ, the crowd gets half the attention during the live stream. The mixture of dope DJ and wild crowd makes for an excellent Boiler Room show. Honey Dijon‘s Boiler Room from Sugar Mountain in Melbourne, Australia is one such entertaining experience. Let’s explore…

Honey Dijon Boiler Room x Sugar Mountain 2018 DJ Set

First of all, shout out the girl in the first :30 seconds who sets a solid tone. Even with just a Stevie Wonder acapella playing, she’s getting her groove on. The guy next to her smartly hydrates as it’s gonna be a booty shaking, sweaty hour. The rest of the crowd lets us know their present not only in presence but with spirit as well when the first bass line drops. Those moving bodies let out a big ol’ ‘wooooo’ and then we’re off.

Honey Dijon blends together house so seamlessly, but the beauty of this performance is when she mixes infamous speeches. Check around the 31-minute mark when she drops Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech. His famous speech works naturally as a build up to a sonic boom drop. Stick around for the entire 4 minutes as the crowd completely wilds out to those famous words. Then with bass completely stripped away and King closing with “free at last,” Honey Dijon drops the bass, some sharp hitting hi-hats, and a little reverb on King’s words and the crowd goes absolutely bananas. Like they completely lose their shit. It’s freaking amazing visually and sonically.

Overall, Honey Dijon’s Boiler Room at Sugar Mountain is an incredible show with mad crowd energy. With this performance, she shows why she’s one of the queens of house music.

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