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Dada Life Asks Us to Come Together as ‘One Nation Under Lasers’

We pledge allegiance to Dada Life, for their latest single is as patriotic as it comes to the dance scene. True to the title, “One Nation Under Lasers” is a booming electro house homage to the love of lasers. Although great on its own, one listen will make you crave the beaming shoots of light that move with the music. Press play, close your eyes and see what we mean.

Released just after the announcement of their One Nation North American Tour and just before their album drops, the banana boys have been busying making bangers, and come April 27th, they’re bringing those bangers to a city near you.

Phoenix! Our potassium deficiency ends on May 27th. Dada Life is bringing their new music to the Pressroom, grab your tickets here.

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