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Dillon Francis Drops Fresh Remix of J. Balvin’s ‘Machika’

Producer, prankster, and DJ Dillon Francis is known for his incredible Moombahton and Trap sounds and exuberant energy during his performances. He’s been working hard in the studio as of late on his upcoming album, but most recently he’s back with his remix of J. Balvin’s track “Machika.”

For the past several months Dillon has teased us with this single, dropping the song in his shows and sets. Finally, we can hear the completed project! The original track was perfect for remixing by Dillon Francis. He takes the classical Reggaeton roots of this song and combines it with the trap he is known for to turn the song into an amped-up production that has been met with much delight from his fans. If you are a fan of the Moomba that Dillon Francis puts out than this song will be one you definitely want to check out!

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