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Max Styler & TWERL Waste No Time on ‘Wasted Time’

Back on top with Elysian Records, Max Styler is continuing his hit-streak with TWERL and EVAN GIIA on “Wasted Time.” With this track being delivered just as the festival season kicks into gear, all three artists are bringing their best electro-pop game to take over the airwaves with another catchy hit.

While Max Styler certainly isn’t unfamiliar to slower electronic ballads, TWERL joins the team to add a little beef to some of the more challenging drops. With elements of glitch-hop and dubstep, “Wasted Time” is given the extra push it needs to simultaneously showcase the balladry of EVAN GIIA’s voice and the intensity of the producers’ drops.  As electronic music progresses and draws closer to the mainstream, “Wasted Time” is a clear example of the battering-ram of culture Max Styler helped contribute to this change of genre.

As a single, “Wasted Time” will be extremely welcome in mainstream environments, with added drop attracting more hardcore fans of certain sub-genres. When Max Styler collaborates and spreads his wings, every fan knows to expect the unexpected. Get the new track here.

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Photo: Joey Vitalari

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